3 Quick Hits for Your Friday Morning

January 22, 2016 at 8:49 am Leave a comment

Yesterday, the NCUA held a board meeting but the most interesting news to come out of the agency was its joint announcement with the Treasury Department that they would be streamlining the process for credit unions to become Certified Depository Financial Institutions (CDFI). The agencies hope to double the number of credit unions with that designation by the end of 2016. According to the Treasury, there are currently 296 certified CDFIs, the majority of which are already designated as low-income credit unions.

CDFIs are institutions that have as a primary mission promoting community development. Low-income credit unions are already eligible for many of the benefits that come with a CDFI designation, but CDFIs are eligible for additional technical and financial support from the Treasury Department. To me, it seems like a great idea. But I’ve been surprised by the number of credit unions reluctant to be designated low-income and I will be curious to see if history repeats itself when it comes to CDFI certification.

Credit Unions Get Opportunity to Comment On Overhead Transfer Rate

Score one for NASCUS. The Association led the charge to open up NCUA’s process for determining the Overhead Transfer Rate to greater public scrutiny. Yesterday, NCUA followed through on a promise and announced that it would take public comments on how the agency’s Overhead Transfer Rate and federal credit unions operating fee are calculated. Now it’s time for the industry to put up or shut up on this issue. NCUA has always been skeptical that industry feedback on this issue would be of much value. If the industry doesn’t respond to this opening with thoughtful analysis, their skepticism will be vindicated.

NCUA Outlines Supervisory Priorities for 2016

NCUA released a letter to federally insured credit unions (that includes you state charters) outlining its supervisory priorities for the coming year. On the top of its list was cyber security assessment. All credit unions are encouraged to use the Cyber Security Assessment Tool released by the FFIEC last June. Here’s a blog I did on this issue last year.

Other priorities include credit union incident response procedures for data breaches regarding member information and BSA compliance with a special emphasis on the risk posed by Money Service Businesses. The complete list is available here and is worth a read.

There are even more issues I could talk about today, but there is other work to be done and there’s a little more than 48 hours to go before the Patriots and Tom Brady send Peyton Manning into retirement with a humiliating defeat. On that note, have a great day.



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Henry Meier, Esq., General Counsel, New York Credit Union Association.

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