Three Things You Should Ponder As You Start Your Credit Union Day

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When It Comes To ADA lawsuits, is the best defense a good offense?

The ever informative CUtoday features an article this morning quoting Becky Landis, CEO of State Highway Patrol FCU in which she argues that the only way credit unions can stop “frivolous” ADA website lawsuits is to litigate. “Yes, you could say that it might be cheaper and less costly for the credit union to roll over and settle, but am I really doing justice to my membership by doing that?”

Great question and I know that it’s one that many credit unions are wrestling with these days. There is certainly a time and place to push back against these lawsuits but just remember that not all of them frivolous. They are annoying, obnoxious and arguably of little utility but a good faith argument can be made that the ADA applies to your website. The real question is, in circumstances where your website is ADA compliant or will be in the near future, should you hand out settlement money just to avoid litigation? There are some great legal issues that have to be litigated if the industry is going to get clarification as to what does and does not constitute as ADA compliance.

DFS Issues Cybersecurity Reminder

New York’s Department of Financial Services issued a reminder earlier this week that institutions subject to its cybersecurity regulations have until February 15th to certify that they are compliant with this regulation. In addition, for those of you subject to DFS Audits, the department announced that proof of your cybersecurity compliance will be one of the issues addressed in those “first day letters” you receive prior to an examination.

Interestingly, a federal credit union that provides mortgages received this notice from the DFS. If other federal credit unions have received a similar notice, please let the Association know.

A Kinder, Gentler CFPB

The amazing makeover of the CFPB continued yesterday. In an op-ed piece in the WSJ, Acting Director Mick Mulvaney says the following: “The CFPB has a new mission: We will exercise, with humility and prudence, the almost unparalleled power Congress has bestowed on us to enforce the law faithfully in furtherance of our mandate. But we go no further. The days of aggressively “pushing the envelope” are over.”

By the way, with his strict adherence to the plain reading of statutes and advocacy of limited government, Mulvaney sounds very much like NCUA’s Chairman J. Mark McWatters, who is widely rumored to be a top candidate to take over the Bureau.



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