Ocasio-Cortez Named to House Financial Services Committee

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High-profile freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has already become one of the best known  politicians in the country following her upset victory over Joe Crowley, was named to the all-important House Financial Services Committee where she will serve in the new Democratic Majority. The appointment means that Cortez is well positioned to continue advocating for some fundamental policy changes. For example, she recently proposed raising the highest tax bracket for  federal income tax purposes to 70%.

NCUA’s Website Worth A Look

Now that I’ve been kicking the tires for a couple of weeks, I am here to announce that the  NCUA deserves high praise for its revamped website.  I’m not joking. Not only is it much easier to figure out where information is located but it is actually designed in a way that recognizes that there are a bunch of us for whom the website is an important work tool. For example, I can now once again easily retrieve legal opinion letters – such as those I cited on removal of credit union members the other day – and the website breaks down these searches by category. Whoever redesigned the site deserves a raise.

ADA Websites Exploding

Sometimes I think that credit unions are under the impression that they are being singled out for ADA website litigation. But that is simply not the case. This morning’s New York Law Journal is highlighting research indicating that New York’s federal courts saw 1,471 cases filed in 2018 claiming ADA website violations. This accounted for 64% of the 2, 285 ADA website accessibility lawsuits started in seven major states including California, Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas and Georgia tracked by the company USAbleNet. Governor Cuomo likes to say that New York leads the nation and for whatever reason it is doing a good job in leading the nation when it comes to ADA lawsuits. The report estimates that New York is home to 25% of the  companies that have been sued  over  websites.

Whatever you think about these lawsuits, it really is in everyone’s best interest to have the Justice Department finalize regulations explaining if the ADA applies to websites and if so, what steps have to be taken to comply with this mandate.

NCUA Meeting A Real Yawner

Yesterday’s meeting of the NCUA’s board, was less than inspiring. Its highlight was the approval of its 2019 Performance Plan which is dedicated to, among other things, making sure it  “Fully and efficiently execute the requirements of the agency’s examination and supervision program.” Whenever I read Government spinning out performance plans, it always gives me the creeps. It smacks of Chairman Mow spinning out a five-year plan for government improvement.

Speaking of NCUA, Rodney Hood who previously served on the NCUA Board has been re-nominated to once again serve on the board because the Senate did not act on his nomination prior to the close of last year. I wonder what the record is for the most times a person has been nominated to the NCUA Board.


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