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Washington Tees Off On Facebook; Senate to Hear from CU’s on Pot Banking and Main Street is where the $ is

Today is the last day of the blog until I return from a week’s vacation on July 29th. Here is some info I wanted to make sure you knew before I head to Cape Cod this weekend.

Facebook cemented its status as the latest company everybody loves to hate. The US Senate Banking Committee held a hearing yesterday Scrutinizing Facebook’s plans to introduce a block chain cryptocurrency for Consumers sometime next year. As expected. reactions to the plan ranged  from polite skeptical to hysterical.

In the polite skepticism category is this quote in the American Banker from committee chairman Mike Crapo “Despite the uncertainties, Facebook’s stated goals for the payments systems are commendable,” Crapo said. “If done right, Facebook’s efforts to leverage existing and evolving technology and make innovative improvements to traditional and nontraditional payments systems could deliver material benefits, such as expanding access to the financial system for the underbanked, and providing cheaper and faster payments.”

In the hysterical category is this quote from the committee’s ranking senator, Democrat Sherwood Brown: “Facebook is asking people to trust them with their hard-earned paychecks,” said Brown. “It takes a breathtaking amount of arrogance to look at that track record and think, you know what we really ought to do next? Let’s run our own bank and our own for-profit version of the Federal Reserve for the world.”

With all due respect to the senator, a company started in 2004 as a dorm room platform to categorize coeds that grew into the world’s dominant communication platform is entitled to a little breathtaking arrogance. Besides, this country has been breathtakingly slow and arrogant to adopt payment system Innovations. It’s time to give the private sector a turn. The sky is not going to fall. It isn’t time to start the campfire with dollar bills

Upcoming hearing on Cannabis Banking

Speaking of the Senate Banking Committee, it will be holding a cannabis banking hearing on July 23rd and the concerns of credit unions will be front-and-center.

Rachel Pross, the chief risk officer of Maps Credit Union in Oregon,  is scheduled to be the lead speaker on the committee’s second panel following comments by senators Gardner and Merkley, both of whom represent States that have legalized cannabis.

The Credit Union has been on the cutting edge of providing banking services to marijuana businesses. In testimony before a House committee earlier this year Pross explained that the credit union has been providing these services since 2014 when Oregon voted in a referendum to legalize cannabis.

The conventional wisdom is that the House has the votes to pass legislation permitting  states which have legalized marijuana, to continue to do so without violating federal law but it will take a much bigger lift to get this done  in the Senate.

 Consumer Banking Heats up as Investment Banking Cools

The all-important earnings season, when publically traded company’s announce and put their best spin on their quarterly earnings is here. If current trends continue expect the big guys to continue to move aggressively to expand their consumer banking presence.

There is no better bellwether for the state of U.S. banking than JPMorgan Chase so here is a link to information about it second quarter earnings report. Page 3 of the press release demonstrates that  the behemoths are growing by capitalizing on consumer banking. The WSJ points out this morning that while the American consumer is generally in a good mood businesses which generate money for investment are much less sanguine about the economic outlook. Expect to face even more competition.



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Bad Moon Rising: The Big Guys Want Your Members

Credit unions have traditionally not had to pay much attention to the quarterly earning reports provided by the banking behemoths.  But the second quarter of 2016 may well mark a turning point. 

Both JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs used the roll out of their second quarter results to underscore their intention to use technology to aggressively move into consumer banking.  They are taking aim at your members like never before.  At its conference call, JP Morgan Chase highlighted the fact that it recorded consumer deposit growth of 10% or $54 billion.

I just got done listening to Goldman Sachs CFO Harvey Schwartz recap his second quarter earnings.  What I found most intriguing was that at the end of his initial comment, he highlighted Goldman’s initiative to roll out an online consumer lending platform later in the Fall.  When one of the analyst asked him to flesh out the details, he noted that consumers want a simple, high quality user experience.  Goldman will be offering them an online platform to get unsecured consumer loans but he was unwilling to commit to further details such as the target consumer, the size of the loan, or the length of its terms.  Perhaps Goldman is waiting for the CFPB to finalize its payday lending rules. 

Goldman’s impending foray into online lending comes on top of its aggressive move into traditional consumer banking with the purchase of $15 billion in deposits as part of its acquisition of GE Capital’s online banking platform.  Goldman has offered attractive rate terms and it announced in yesterday’s conference call that since the acquisition, it had opened 20,000 new accounts.

The sudden embrace of consumer banking is remarkable.  As recently as 2012, banking executives were openly explaining that unless you had $100,000 to put into an account, you weren’t worth their time.  What has changed?  For one thing, the Dodd-Frank Act and BASEL III reforms both emphasized capital buffers, particularly for the most systemically important banks. Another change is technological.  Fintech is all the rage and none of these banks want to be left behind.

All this means, however, is that the biggest of the big are now competing directly for your members in a way not seen in at least a generation.  Not only that, but their deep pockets will allow them to bring the latest technology and most competitive rate to this competition. 


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Henry Meier, Esq., Senior Vice President, General Counsel, New York Credit Union Association.

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